Delta Diamond Medallion Package and A319 First Class

While I was traveling this week, I got a fun little surprise in the mail! My Diamond Medallion package arrived from Delta – complete with #BragTags. Instead of the traditional plastic luggage tag you receive with Platinum Medallion status, you get nicely machined aluminum tags at Diamond.

Diamond Package
Diamond Package
Brag Tags!
Brag Tags!

You also receive a handful of thank-you coupons to give particularly helpful or entertaining representatives. I wish we got more than just four, though – I frequently have excellent experiences with Delta flight attendants and phone representatives, and I wish I could acknowledge them all!


When flying this week, I managed to get upgraded for both flights on the way up to the customer site, including bulkhead on an A319. I am usually not a fan of bulkhead seats, but the A319 has a nice indentation which offers a hefty chunk of legroom!

A319 First Class, Seat 1D
A319 First Class, Seat 1D


Delta also introduced some new snacks, one of which is a fruit and nut pack by FlyFit – quite tasty!

Pre-departure Gin and Soda
Pre-departure Gin and Soda

What about you guys – come across any new snacks on your domestic flights?

Analysis of Benefits: United


The “big three” airlines in the US (United, American, and Delta) are similar in many ways, but that is not to say they are all the same. There have been many changes to United over the past year, as well as some that I never knew about, that have given me hope for these airlines to break out of the rut they are in.


Let’s face it – the real reason we want frequent flier status, other than faster accrual rates, is to fly first class for free. Similar to Delta and American, you are given global and regional upgrade certificates upon reaching various tiers. You are also given the same option to upgrade to a higher class of service using miles – again akin to Delta and American.

The real way that United stands out from the pack is that upgrades clear based on the highest status on the reservation, not the lowest. This is huge when you travel with friends and family. Though Delta does not offer Diamond Medallion flyers premium drinks and snacks in coach, both American and United offer this to their top-tier fliers. Better yet, United now has an actual food menu.

Other Changes

United has recently brought back family boarding, as noted by MommyPoints, which is a wonderful change from a customer experience front. Forbes pointed out five other ways that they have improved over the past year as an airline, as well, and combined with the upgrade benefits versus other airlines, it is going to get very interesting going forward when comparing airlines.

Lounge and Alliance Benefits

Unlike Delta, United does not give complimentary lounge access to top-tier members. American Airlines does not offer this, either, but both United and American offer discounts based on your frequent flier status. It is far more economical to acquire a credit card to attain lounge access, however, as it is considerably cheaper.

United Club Card (not an affiliate link): $450 annual fee versus $550 if you buy the subscription outright

AAdvantage Executive Card (not an affiliate link): $450 annual fee versus $500+ if you buy the subscription outright, more for a family

As you can see, there are ways around this limitation, but it largely depends on how much time in an airport. The wireless and free alcohol are wonderful when it comes to spending hours in airports, as is a dedicated service line, but you can just as easily get access to a Priority Pass lounge using the Citi Prestige card (not an affiliate link), which also gives AAdvantage lounge access when flying on American.


All the changes to United are giving me hopes, to be honest. Their mileage earning rates are on-par with American and Delta, and their upgrade policy is far more generous. If nothing else, competition is always good for the consumer! What do you think?