Vacation Report: Stowe, VT, Day 1

Stowe, VT, Day 1: Arrival to Burlington

Stowe, VT, Day 2: Farmer’s Market!

Stowe, VT, Day 3: Cider Doughnuts & Cheese

Stowe, VT, Day 4: Mt. Mansfield & Montpelier

Stowe, VT, Day 5: Return to Raleigh


My girlfriend’s family has access to a timeshare in Stowe, VT, so I decided to take some time away from my day job to get some R and R. I took the opportunity to fly more with Delta to help maintain status, and kill two birds with one stone. To add icing to the cake, a good friend of ours visited at the same time, so we had many nights filled with Cards Against Humanity!


To reach Stowe, VT I flew to the nearest airport: Burlington, VT (BTV). The first flight was from Raleigh to Detroit, and then routed from Detroit to Burlington.

The full route can be seen here, courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper.

Flight Plan
Flight Plan

Thanks to my Diamond Medallion Status, I confirmed upgrades to First Class for both segments on the way up. The first flight was on a B737-800, while the second was on a regional jet (CRJ900). I opted for window seats on both flights – I’m a sucker for a good view!


As we taxied for takeoff at Detroit, I caught a glimpse of a 747-400 – one of my favorite planes, and my first wide-body experience that I can remember. Because of the sentimental memories associated with the plane, I can’t help but smile when I see one.

AtlasAir 747-400 at DTW
AtlasAir 747-400 at DTW

Burlington Airport

While the Burlington Airport is technically international, it is fairly small in that it only caters to regional aircraft, albeit the larger ones (CRJ700/900). There is no SkyClub, due to its size, but TSA PreCheck is available.

The airport is directly across from the Army and Air National Guard hangars, which made for an impressive landing. The 134th Fighter Squadron was visible from my window. As an AvGeek, seeing F16s was definitely awesome.

134th Fighter Squadron
134th Fighter Squadron

South Burlington

Before heading to Stowe, I headed into Burlington to get some coffee and a snack. I stopped at Scout & Co., and their iced coffee was just what I needed. Highly recommended, if you find yourself in the region!

Village Green at Stowe

The timeshare properties are part of the condos located at the Village Green at Stowe. Though a little dated (the condos were built in the mid-to-late 70s), they have modern furnishings and gas cooking. My girlfriend brought up our grill so we were able to make some burgers with delicious Cabot cheese. The condos also have an indoor pool, outdoor pool, hot tub, and dry sauna available. Unfortunately cellular reception in the area leaves a lot to be desired, and Wi-Fi is only available near the club house.

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