World of Hyatt – So Many Mixed Feelings

As much as I love Hyatt properties and the service I receive there (regardless of my status), I am consistently finding myself searching for a property near my destination. With fewer than 700 properties in the entire Hyatt family, worldwide, this isn’t surprising. Comparatively, Hilton and Marriott have over 4,000 at their disposal, each. The … Continue reading “World of Hyatt – So Many Mixed Feelings”

CyberGhost: Mobile VPN

A good friend of mine, Ant Pruitt, recently wrote about CyberGhost’s VPN service on the GoGo blog.¬†Ant goes on to explain just how the CyberGhost product functions. As someone who spends a lot of time online while in the air, this is a pretty big deal for me. Even if you think nobody could be … Continue reading “CyberGhost: Mobile VPN”

Trip Review: Hyatt Place, Lansing, MI // @HyattTweets @HyattConcierge

Recently I had the opportunity to stay at the Hyatt Place in Lansing, MI. Located behind the Eastwood Towne Center, it is has excellent accessibility to nearby restaurants as well as US-127. Though it lacks a lot of parking immediately in front or behind of the hotel, there is a large parking structure adjacent, and … Continue reading “Trip Review: Hyatt Place, Lansing, MI // @HyattTweets @HyattConcierge”

The Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel in Turkey

Turkey has long-since been on my bucket list, and though previously limited to Istanbul, I recently discovered this amazing hotel on Uncrate. The Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel, as the name implies, is a series of 7 cave houses with a total of 40 rooms; there is even a Greek mansion! The rooms are a variety … Continue reading “The Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel in Turkey”

Award Pricing with @United: Ouch!

The other day, Stefan at RapidTravelChai answered United when they asked him if he going in the direction he wanted. He outlines the real reasons to keep United as a secondary airline in the US, and many resonated with me. In particular: Star Alliance partners. Though I am a loyal Delta flyer, the others of … Continue reading “Award Pricing with @United: Ouch!”

ITA Matrix’s Little Brother: OnTheFly

Though many savvy travel hackers are familiar with the ins and outs of Google Flights and its underlying engine (ITA’s Matrix), not everyone is aware that you can use ITA’s software on your mobile device! The app, OnTheFly, is in both the Android and Apple app stores and is surprisingly easy to navigate. Though you … Continue reading “ITA Matrix’s Little Brother: OnTheFly”