New Seattle Routes on @Delta / #KeepClimbing

With the dissolution of Delta’s relationship with Alaska Airlines, Delta recently announced the introduction of seven new domestic routes to and from Seattle for the coming year. There are also plans to increase the frequency of a few other existing routes to expand their footprint on the West Coast.

I am really looking forward to the new route from Raleigh, as well as the additional flights to Boston and San Diego. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to hit up the Centurion Lounge (and new SkyClub) more often!

New Routes

Destination Frequency Start Date Equipment
MKE 1/day March 9, 2017 E175
EUG 3/day April 1, 2017 CRJ700
BNA 1/day May 26, 2017 A319
RDU 1/day June 8, 2017 B737
AUS 1/day June 12, 2017 A319
RDM 2/day June 12, 2017 CRJ700
LIH 1/day December 21, 2017 B757
Courtesy of GCMap

Existing Route Changes

Destination New Frequency
ORD 2/day
BOS 2/day
SAN 5/day
PDX 8/day
Courtesy of GCMap

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