San Diego Restaurant: 94th Aero Squadron

Though I have only visited once, it is safe to say that this hidden gem has made quite the impression!


Tucked away on Balboa Avenue, directly adjacent to Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, is the 94th Aero Squadron [menu].


The building façade is reminiscent of a WW2-era farmhouse, complete with exposed brick, vintage airplanes, and carefully maintained interior decor.

More pictures are available at their website.


Let’s face it… this is the important bit. While a buffet is offered, you are always able to order à la carte. Though the buffet looked amazing, I opted for a Reuben. Though there was quite a lot of corned beef, it was still easy to eat (easier than those from some restaurants that get seriously carried away with sandwich construction).

My coworkers opted for the prime-rib French Dip, and they couldn’t stop raving about it. The creamed horseradish was particularly tasty, apparently!

If you are even in the area, you should make it a point to give it a shot – I know I’ll be coming back!

2 thoughts on “San Diego Restaurant: 94th Aero Squadron”

  1. These Aerosquadrons must be a chain. There used to be one in Orlando with a WW1 decor. Old jeeps an howitzers scattered in the grounds under camo netting. Sand bags reinforcing the walls. The cool thing was the headphones at the tables where you could listen in on the tower (live).

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