Staying Sane on the Road

It’s no secret that I spend a somewhat ridiculous amount of time on the road, so I thought I would share my coping mechanisms for staying sane in the air and on the road. Though my main source of entertainment is my phone (music, movies, podcasts… it does it all!), I also love having my … Continue reading “Staying Sane on the Road”

CyberGhost: Mobile VPN

A good friend of mine, Ant Pruitt, recently wrote about CyberGhost’s VPN service on the GoGo blog. Ant goes on to explain just how the CyberGhost product functions. As someone who spends a lot of time online while in the air, this is a pretty big deal for me. Even if you think nobody could be … Continue reading “CyberGhost: Mobile VPN”

ITA Matrix’s Little Brother: OnTheFly

Though many savvy travel hackers are familiar with the ins and outs of Google Flights and its underlying engine (ITA’s Matrix), not everyone is aware that you can use ITA’s software on your mobile device! The app, OnTheFly, is in both the Android and Apple app stores and is surprisingly easy to navigate. Though you … Continue reading “ITA Matrix’s Little Brother: OnTheFly”

Bulk Fares on @Delta, @United, and @American

Earlier this week Enoch of PointMeToThePlane shared the results of an experiment where he used the Citi ThankYou points portal to pay for part of an American Airlines ticket. While not something unusual at first glance, Enoch pointed out that the earning was based on the distance flown instead of the amount spent. Interestingly enough, … Continue reading “Bulk Fares on @Delta, @United, and @American”

Website Bugs are Fun! Courtesy of @Delta

With schedule changes, I took some time to dig through all of my upcoming travel when I noticed this gem… I didn’t know Delta used Eurocopter EC155s! 😉 I did verify that I would not be on a helicopter, which I have mixed feelings about… it would certainly make for a fun day! For those … Continue reading “Website Bugs are Fun! Courtesy of @Delta”

Card Linked Rewards Programs

While many credit cards have innate earnings programs, like the Membership Rewards program from American Express or the Unlimited Rewards program from Chase, there are independent programs that give you points, miles, or straight cash-back. Doctor of Credit has put together a fairly comprehensive list of these programs. While I frequently use Thanks Again and … Continue reading “Card Linked Rewards Programs”

@AwardWallet and @ExpertFlyer – Making Life Easier

There are two websites that all frequent fliers should be familiar with: AwardWallet and ExpertFlyer. The former helps you track your various frequent traveler information (car, hotel, and airline), the number of miles you have, expiry date, and so on. ExpertFlyer lets you search for award fare, which is particularly important when trying to book … Continue reading “@AwardWallet and @ExpertFlyer – Making Life Easier”