@Airbus A350-1000 Test Aircraft! #AvGeek

Airbus has their second A350-1000 XWB test aircraft out and about in its new Carbon Livery. With a three-class configuration, it can carry 366 passengers just under 8,000 nautical miles. It’s powered by two Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines that have been custom built for Airbus specifically for this plane. From Airbus’s estimates, the airframe … Continue reading “@Airbus A350-1000 Test Aircraft! #AvGeek”

@Boeing 757 vs. 737 from a Pilot’s Perspective

The Boeing 757 is an iconic plane in its own right, though not always as distinguishable to the untrained eye as a 747 or A380. It has been in production from 1981 to 2004, and in service since 1983. In fact, many airlines are holding onto their 757s tightly because of the versatility offered by … Continue reading “@Boeing 757 vs. 737 from a Pilot’s Perspective”

737-MAX and A32x-neo

No, I don’t mean the Messianic figure from the Matrix movies, I am referring to Airbus’s denotation of improved engine performance and mileage: “New Engine Option”. These two narrow-body planes are reported to have an improved fuel efficiency estimated at 15% over their traditional counterparts, which will allow them to fly from the East Coast … Continue reading “737-MAX and A32x-neo”

Trip Report: @Delta – A321 – ATL to FLL (also feat. @AirCanadarouge)

This weekend, I had the opportunity to fly on Delta’s new A321 from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, and being the AvGeek that I am, I took advantage of it! (My first A321 experience, no less; doubly exciting!) I was already flying to Boston with my girlfriend, so for my return, I routed through Atlanta and … Continue reading “Trip Report: @Delta – A321 – ATL to FLL (also feat. @AirCanadarouge)”

Sacramento Flight and LAX Plane Spotting

To maintain my status with Delta, I like to plan creative routes when traveling. For my trip to Sacramento this week, I opted to fly from Raleigh to Atlanta, Atlanta to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Sacramento (instead of to Salt Lake, and from there directly, for example… or directly from Atlanta… or many … Continue reading “Sacramento Flight and LAX Plane Spotting”