Huge Changes All Around!

Wow – so many changes this week… busy busy! Alaska Airlines released their plan for Virgin America on their blog, and while a lot of changes are promising, Virgin’s amazing First Class hard product will be missed. There was confirmation that you can use your Alaska Airlines companion certificate on Virgin America routes, which is … Continue reading “Huge Changes All Around!”

Battle for #SEA: @Delta vs @AlaskaAir

Though once codeshare partners, Delta and Alaska have been getting progressively aggressive in their battle for territory. Seattle is one of Alaska Air’s biggest cities, and and serves as a great routing city for Delta to cities in Asia. Since 2014, however, there has been a widening rift between the two. There are currently two … Continue reading “Battle for #SEA: @Delta vs @AlaskaAir”

Sacramento Flight and LAX Plane Spotting

To maintain my status with Delta, I like to plan creative routes when traveling. For my trip to Sacramento this week, I opted to fly from Raleigh to Atlanta, Atlanta to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Sacramento (instead of to Salt Lake, and from there directly, for example… or directly from Atlanta… or many … Continue reading “Sacramento Flight and LAX Plane Spotting”