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Vacation Report, India: Grand Hyatt Mumbai

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Grand Hyatt Mumbai

For our brief stay in Mumbai (Bombay), I opted to reside at the Grand Hyatt. Located near the airport it offered some appealing amenities, including a spa and multiple restaurants.

Upon arriving at the airport, I was greeted by a driver from the Grand Hyatt and promptly taken to the hotel. There, I was greeted by a personal assistant and taken to the room. Talk about service! All members of the staff that I had the pleasure of interacting with were incredibly helpful and polite.


I stayed on the second floor (third floor for those of you in the US), and though no suites were available for upgrade, this room was spectacular. Certainly not disappointed!

Somewhat narrow, but packed full of features!
The left side of the room…
…And the right!
Closet and a restroom that can be sealed off from the room
Bath salts and other wonderful things
Massive tub with extra hose!
Shower stall!
Yet more complimentary water
A second robe and some other treats…
Like a shoe-shine kit!
And two pairs of slippers!
The view from the room… with a private park below
Lighting controls on the right side of the bed, window shade controls on the other side (not pictured)
Universal power outlets!
A crunchy snack – complimentary
I feel wonderfully welcomed! 😀


As I mentioned earlier, the Grand Hyatt houses more than one restaurant. Of these is one of the highest ranked Italian restaurants of Mumbai. Impressive!

Also at the hotel is the Oasis Spa, which I had the pleasure of experiencing. The prices are more than reasonable and I can’t recommend it enough. Do it!

Complimentary transfers are offered for those residing in suites, but as my upgrade request did not clear, I was only given a one-way transfer because of my status with Hyatt. Definitely not complaining, though, as it was the best hotel pickup experience I have had to date.

Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC

My girlfriend and I went up to Washington, DC for the long weekend and wanted to spend some time re-discovering the city, since we hadn’t visited since our respective childhoods. I booked our room at the Grand Hyatt given its location, and was pleasantly surprised by everything that came with it!


The Grand Hyatt is located on the corner of 11th street and H street, which is a very short walk from the Metro Center Station. There are many restaurants a short walk away, and many attractions are within a 15 minute walk (the White House, the Washington monument, and the National Mall, for example).


There is a Starbucks Reserve in the lobby, as well as Cure – a restaurant that carefully pairs ingredients for a wonderful experience. Located on the first basement level is the hotel’s main restaurant – Cabinet. I received a daily breakfast pass because of my status, which was a pleasant surprise.

Diamond breakfast
Diamond breakfast

Room Information

I was given a corner room on the 12th floor, with the bed offering a nice view of the city below.


Room entry


Room entry

View from the bed
View from the bed

The TV was placed on a dresser that contained a safe and mini-fridge, as well as an interface system that allows guests to hook up their own devices.

Media inputs and USB charging
Media inputs and USB charging

Hotel Amenities

As mentioned above, the hotel houses two restaurants as well as a Starbucks, so there are many dining options without even leaving the building. Also within the building is a FedEx location – contained within the business center, and a large number of meeting rooms.

Hyatt has a very friendly policy when it comes to forgetting things at home. Simply call the front desk and someone will bring what you need and leave it at the door for you. Depending on what it is, you can keep it, or just borrow it for your visit, allowing you to buy it at check-out.

Forgot something?
Forgot something?

The hotel also has a spectacular skylight and a chandelier that dangles from the 12th floor to the basement.

Lobby from the 12th floor
Lobby from the 12th floor