Sheraton Mission Valley – 14th Floor Suite

A few months ago I was upgraded to one of the Junior King suites at the Sheraton I frequent. More recently, I had the opportunity to experience one of their full-size suites on the 14th floor. As soon as you leave the elevator, you notice how different this floor is from the other floors. The … Continue reading “Sheraton Mission Valley – 14th Floor Suite”

Hotel Reviews: Sheraton Ann Arbor and Holiday Inn Tewksbury-Andover

Sheraton Ann Arbor Location The Ann Arbor Sheraton is located at exit 177 of I-94. Thanks to its ease of access to the interstate and location in South East Michigan, it is fairly popular for consultants in the region. Amenities In addition to a full-service restaurant (with room service) and bar, the Sheraton has one … Continue reading “Hotel Reviews: Sheraton Ann Arbor and Holiday Inn Tewksbury-Andover”