Airport Information: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Physical Layout The Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta is the busiest in the world when we look at sheer volume of people, followed by Beijing, Tokyo-Haneda, and London Heathrow. Because of that, it is no surprise that the designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the layout can both handle current volumes as well … Continue reading “Airport Information: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport”

Hotel Reviews: Sheraton Ann Arbor and Holiday Inn Tewksbury-Andover

Sheraton Ann Arbor Location The Ann Arbor Sheraton is located at exit 177 of I-94. Thanks to its ease of access to the interstate and location in South East Michigan, it is fairly popular for consultants in the region. Amenities In addition to a full-service restaurant (with room service) and bar, the Sheraton has one … Continue reading “Hotel Reviews: Sheraton Ann Arbor and Holiday Inn Tewksbury-Andover”

Airport Information: Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Last week, between work and personal travel, I was bouncing between four airports – DTW, ATL, RDU, and BOS. Thanks to that, I am able to continue my series on airport information! Hopefully what I have to offer will be of some benefit to y’all. Layout Though difficult to tell from the picture above, the … Continue reading “Airport Information: Detroit Metropolitan Airport”

Delta Diamond Medallion Package and A319 First Class

While I was traveling this week, I got a fun little surprise in the mail! My Diamond Medallion package arrived from Delta – complete with #BragTags. Instead of the traditional plastic luggage tag you receive with Platinum Medallion status, you get nicely machined aluminum tags at Diamond. You also receive a handful of thank-you coupons … Continue reading “Delta Diamond Medallion Package and A319 First Class”

Analysis of Benefits: United

Background The “big three” airlines in the US (United, American, and Delta) are similar in many ways, but that is not to say they are all the same. There have been many changes to United over the past year, as well as some that I never knew about, that have given me hope for these … Continue reading “Analysis of Benefits: United”

Amazon eBook Discounts Up to 90% Off – Today Only

For one day only, Amazon is offering up to 90% off a selection of their Kindle library! You can see everything that is available over here Amazon – Kindle Book Deals [affiliate link]. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on your phone or computer using the Kindle App [affiliate link] … Continue reading “Amazon eBook Discounts Up to 90% Off – Today Only”