SkyRoam Hotspot

Affiliate Link Note: If you use my link to SkyRoam, you’ll get $20 off your purchase (to buy, not rent), and I’ll get a few free days! You certainly don’t have to… but I wouldn’t object!

I’ll be doing some international travel this winter with my girlfriend and to maintain the level of connectivity that we have grown accustomed to, I decided to give SkyRoam [Affiliate Link] a go!

For $99.99 ($79.99 if you use my link, above), you get unlimited Wi-Fi in a variety of countries, including the UK, Qatar, and India – all of which we’ll be traveling through this December and January. That said, the price is only for the device itself, and you pay on a day-by-day basis beyond that.

I came across this product through a poster to  The Frugal Travel Guy blog, Caroline Lupini, who recently tested this in Uzbekistan! The other draw is that you are limited to 350MB/day before your speed drops, but again, for basic connectivity (email, blogging, and so on) that is plenty!

I’ll be sure to report back after giving SkyRoam [Affiliate Link] a shot this winter!

What do you do when you travel internationally?