Sheraton Mission Valley – 14th Floor Suite

A few months ago I was upgraded to one of the Junior King suites at the Sheraton I frequent. More recently, I had the opportunity to experience one of their full-size suites on the 14th floor.

As soon as you leave the elevator, you notice how different this floor is from the other floors. The lighting is newer and the ceilings are raised. There are also a lot fewer doors on this floor, unsurprisingly.

14th Floor

Entering the room, the first thing you’ll notice (well, that I noticed) was that the door didn’t keep closing on me! Not a huge thing, but it helps when taking pictures, hah.

“Kitchen” and Living Area

Beyond the living area is a balcony that connects to the bedroom, so you could leave one room and enter the other from the balcony alone.

The “kitchen”
Entertainment center

The bedroom was arranged in a fairly standard two Queen configuration, so no surprises there.


Connecting to the bedroom was the massive bathroom with a separate room for the shower and commode.

Closet and bathroom
Full-sized mirror and twin sinks
Enclosed shower

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