Paris Trip Report – Versailles

Paris Trip Report – Arrival and Eiffel TowerParis Trip Report – Notre-Dame de Paris, CatacombsParis Trip Report – Louvre & Musée d’OrsayParis Trip Report – VersaillesParis Trip Report – DepartureAh Versailles… when I was purchasing tickets to visit, I saw the two-day option and was honestly confused as to why someone would want to do that instead of focusing on what they wanted to see in one day. And then I visited the gardens, and I knew. I sincerely regret not moving this excursion sooner in the trip so that I could take advantage of the two-day ticket. (On a related note: walking upwards of 22,000 steps the day before you fly is not the smartest idea.)As with other attractions, buying a “skip-the-line” ticket is almost mandatory given the volumes of crowds that Versailles draws. It also helps to know exactly what you want to see prior to the visit. Both my girlfriend and I knew we were more interested in the gardens than the palace itself, so we spent most of the day wandering them. In addition to letting us focus on what we wanted to do, it allowed us to bypass many of the large groups that were wandering the palace.If you are interested in seeing the Queen’s Hamlet, be sure to enter through the Petit Trianon. We made the mistake of trying to enter from the secondary entrance but found it to be closed. Given how tired we were at that point, we wound up dropping it from our visit this time. 🙁 Next time, though, it’s going to happen.While we were in the Enceladus Grove, a group of fighter jets flew over us. I wish I had brought my camera and telephoto lens to get a better shot!

Palace Exterior

Ladies’ Chambers

The Gardens

The Queen’s Hamlet

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