Dear Whiskey

I can’t believe that you have only been in my life for such a short time… you have been such a big part of it.  When you picked us that day, there was no way for me to know just how important you would become.

Whiskey and Momma

From the first day you were with us, it was very clear that your Momma was your person. You were so anxious that you wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on top of her. The rest of us grew on you, though, just like you grew on us. Even Mina, who taught you how to tell us when the bunnies needed something.

You are by far the most patient dog I have ever met, tolerating all the things we put on you… from bandanas to ties. And goddamn you looked majestic. More importantly, you were patient with me as I learned how to be a furparent.

Over time it became clear that even though Momma was your person, I was your best friend. And you were mine. The way you would look at me when I came back after a week on the road… Jumping to your feet even though your joints hurt… Running over to see me with boundless excitement and affection… Spending time with me while I was working from home… You have, without a doubt, spoiled me.

Even with all the ups and downs, I can say without reservation that I would do it all over again. You were one of the best decisions of my life, and you will always be with me. I love you.


Your Papa


Oof, I have been terribly remiss in keeping up with this website. Thanks to a change in vacation policy, I found myself burning a lot of saved hours in December. This was a welcome change from being on the road nearly continuously leading up to the holidays. As much as I love traveling, I didn’t realize how exhausted I was.

With the new year, we welcomed a new addition to our fur-family: a second rescue dog that we’ve named Guinness! Between this change and playing catch-up on everything I missed over the holidays at work, I’ve had my hands full.

A lot of my remaining free time has been split between a few shows, books, and Destiny 2 (if you have it on the PS4, let me know!)

With the slew of negative changes coming to the Citi Prestige (in addition to a higher annual fee), I opted to downgrade my card to the Premier. While it doesn’t have an airfare credit, it offers faster points earning for day-to-day purchases and has a substantially lower annual fee. The retention specialist I spoke to was very understanding about the change and was actually apologetic. I suspect they were dealing with a high number of similar conversions.

Finally, while nothing has been set in stone, there has been discussion of a short trip to New Orleans which should be exciting. I do plan on leveraging my AmEx Platinum [referral link] card to help offset the travel cost when we do head down.