Vacation Report: Stowe, VT, Day 5

Stowe, VT, Day 1: Arrival to Burlington

Stowe, VT, Day 2: Farmer’s Market!

Stowe, VT, Day 3: Cider Doughnuts & Cheese

Stowe, VT, Day 4: Mt. Mansfield & Montpelier

Stowe, VT, Day 5: Return to Raleigh


On my return from Stowe, VT I flew back from Burlington, VT (BTV). The first flight was from Burlington to Detroit, and then routed from Detroit to Raleigh.

The full route can be seen here, courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper.

Flight Plan
Flight Plan

I only managed to upgrade to First Class for the first segment, as the second was a popular flight. Even with Diamond Medallion Status, it’s a gamble when flying out of a Delta hub city! As with the flight up, I went for window seats.

Breakfast at McCarthy’s

My girlfriend’s family usually reserves McCarthy’s for their last morning in Stowe, as it was my last day, they made an exception. I had quite a nice breakfast with made-from-scratch corned beef hash, fresh 12-grain wheat toast, and an omelette with spinach, Feta cheese, and artichokes.

Menu cover at McCarthy's - no plastic is a common trend in Stowe
Menu cover at McCarthy’s – no plastic is a common trend in Stowe
Mediterranean omelette with freshly made corned beef hash
Mediterranean omelette with freshly made corned beef hash

After breakfast, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose with the bears at the entrance. 🙂

Carrie and I with the bears outside McCarthy's
Carrie and I with the bears outside McCarthy’s

Back to BTV

The return drive to Burlington International Airport was smooth, even with construction on I-89, and the route to the airport was marked clearly. Avis was a breeze, as always – it is worth signing up for their Preferred program, and it’s free! As I saw on my arrival, Burlington does offer TSA PreCheck, which had my hopes up. Unfortunately it was the “lite” version, where you still have to remove toiletries and laptops from your bags. At least you don’t have to get undressed, so there’s that.

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