Vacation Report, India: Departure

Vacation Report, India: The Arrival

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Vacation Report, India: Airport Lounges

Vacation Report, India: Departure


Upon arriving at the airport I inquired to see if it was possible to upgrade to Premiere (Business Class). Finding out that there were seats available, we opted to pay the difference (cheaper than a single ticket from COK to DOH, amusingly enough) for the upgrade.

The seats were noticeably wider than economy, as to be expected, but were not lie-flat as it was a Boeing 737-800. They did, however, have extra recline and calf-rests which helped considerably. We were offered per-departure beverages and we were soon on our way.

Premiere Seating
Leg-Rest controls
Plane Demographics for #AvGeeks
MInt-Lime and Watermelon Juices

The only frustrating thing was that the TV screens were shared and were always on for the duration of the flight, so it made sleep a little difficult.

Warmed Nuts and Wine
Murgh Muligatawny
Chicken Shish Taouk / Laham Kefta / Grilled Prawns


For the flight from Doha to London-Heathrow, I opted to take the backwards facing window seat on the B777. While this made for some frustrating navigation when leaving my seat, it offered some excellent views of the terrain!

As we boarded, I managed to capture a few pictures of the suites available in the First Class cabin.

First Class Cabin
First Class Cabin
Scotch and Nuts!
Mezze Sampler
Poached Salmon
Lamb Shank
Sandwich Selection

Full Menu

Terrain Shots

London Approach
London Approach

Sheraton Skyline

With a 20 hour layover in London, we took some time to really catch up on sleep. After having spent a lot of time with recycled air and confined spaces, a nice big bed was definitely appreciated.

As a pleasant surprise, I was given a toy Mini-Cooper upon check-in (the local specialty) and was given a customized fruit basket! Talk about service! It is nice to see brand loyalty rewarded, truly.


The Champagne Belle

From London to Detroit we used Delta SkyMiles to book Upper Class tickets on Virgin Atlantic’s VS107. This flight is serviced by an Airbus A330-300. This was our first experience flying Virgin Atlantic, let alone their Upper Class product, so we were both extremely excited. The seats were arranged in a herringbone configuration with the ottomans facing the aisles.

Seat Controls and IFE
Stowed LED Reading Lamp
Aux Inputs and USB charging (110V under the seat)
Swanky toiletry kit!

Though we already had a feeling we were in for a treat from everything we experienced getting situated, the meal service is what really made that clear to us. In addition to a private bar available (not pictured) behind the Upper Class cabin, the menu is carefully thought out with fairly healthy options. Furthermore, everything was adorable.

How can you not love this mug?
The other side of the mug
Salt and Pepper shakers!
Wholemeal dinner roll
Tomato Basil soup
Chicken Breast!
Steak and potatoes
Cheese for dessert
Pre-Landing Quiche

One interesting feature of the flight-map is that it also showed various landmarks, like the location of the Titanic, in addition to cities.

The “fun fact” map!

Full Menu


The last leg of our flight was by far the most frustrating. Instead of the initially scheduled 5 PM departure, our flight was moved up to 3 PM, which left very little time to get through customs and re-check all our bags. Thankfully, the Diamond Medallion line was very helpful and took care of rebooking both of us on the 8 PM flight (keeping us in First Class, no less). Though it took a fair amount of time on hold, everything was sorted out before we even boarded our flight in London. I love how helpful Delta staff are – they go above and beyond, consistently!

Instead of a regional jet, we returned home in a Boeing 717-200, which offered a lot more room for our cabin luggage (to our relief!).

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