Vacation Report, India: Periyar National Park

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Vacation Report, India: Poetree Sarovar Portico

Vacation Report, India: Periyar National Park

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Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park, and the tiger reserve, is located in Thekkady within the state of Kerala. Situated around the Periyar lake, it is a protected region that offers for some spectacular views. Unfortunately, given the diurnal nature of tigers, we weren’t able to see any of them during our visit. 🙁 Alas!

I have quite a few photos, below, from our recent visit to the region. You can see that the water level is considerably lower than normal due to a few years of consistent drought. Given the use of hydroelectric power in Kerala, this has implications beyond that of the animals in the region.

Beautiful sculpture expressing the relationship between animals
Map of the reserve itself
Snackable Tortoise
An old palace… now on-park accommodations!

Regional Flora

At the entrance to the park are specimens of trees that are found in the area. They were kind enough to attach placards to the trees to identify them as well as their fruit and purpose!


Wild Fig

African Tulip


As I mentioned earlier, we weren’t able to see any tigers, which was sad though not unexpected given their diurnal nature. If you want to see tigers, the best times are early in the morning or during twilight hours in the evening, as that is when they are most active.

We were able to get rather close with many monkeys, however, as well as see water buffalo, an elephant, and many birds.

“If you aren’t going to give me treats, I’ll get my own!”
No trip is complete without a selfie!
Water Buffalo
Wild Boar!
Or as our guide called them “Wild Piggies”
Google kindly auto-animated for us

Now… remember kids… silence is a best. 🙂