Website Bugs are Fun! Courtesy of @Delta

With schedule changes, I took some time to dig through all of my upcoming travel when I noticed this gem… I didn’t know Delta used Eurocopter EC155s! 😉 I did verify that I would not be on a helicopter, which I have mixed feelings about… it would certainly make for a fun day! For those … Continue reading “Website Bugs are Fun! Courtesy of @Delta”

@AwardWallet and @ExpertFlyer – Making Life Easier

There are two websites that all frequent fliers should be familiar with: AwardWallet and ExpertFlyer. The former helps you track your various frequent traveler information (car, hotel, and airline), the number of miles you have, expiry date, and so on. ExpertFlyer lets you search for award fare, which is particularly important when trying to book … Continue reading “@AwardWallet and @ExpertFlyer – Making Life Easier”