Affordable Audi Rental With @Silvercar!

For those not aware, Silvercar is a rental car agency who stocks only one type of car: the Audi A4. Every car comes with a premium package offering WiFi, GPS, Sirius XM, and they charge local pump prices instead of inflated rates for filling the car back up. Check out the full specs under their FAQs!

Fair Treatment? Madness!
All the bells and whistles!

The rental process is unique in that everything is handled from your phone – including unlocking your car!


FlyMiler noted that they are currently running a promotion for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas where you can rent for only $49 per day!

Say hello to your new ride!


Free Canadian National Parks in 2017 via @TravelLeisure

I subscribe to Travel + Leisure’s print copy as well as a few of their email lists, and I’m glad I do! I received a message this morning indicating that to commemorate their anniversary, Canada is removing the entry fee to all 38 of their national parks for 2017. No entry fees for the entire year!

Further on the page, I came across a link to a Thrillist article on under-visited countries, and was a little shocked by a few of the mentions. While Belize and Austria, for example, aren’t as visited as Mexico or Switzerland, I’m not sure they can be classified as ‘overlooked’.  All the same, the page should be presented with a wanderlust warning!

I might have to re-evaluate my bucket list, now, and move up visiting a few of my northern friends. 😉

Two more @Delta Sales!

I received an email late last night regarding another sale that Delta is offering for flights within the Continental US. So long as you book economy tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday, you can get up to 30% off certain flights. The sale is limited to flights between September 28th and February 15th, and you have to book all flights by September 28th. Check the offer page for all the details!



While I was on the Delta deals website, I came across another deal – this between Anchorage or Fairbanks from many West Coast departure cities. This deal applies to both paid fares as well as award tickets.