San Diego Trip Update

Due to a silent flight cancellation, my flight from Salt Lake City to Dallas-Fort Worth would have only a 19 minute connecting time, so I opted to re-route through Detroit instead. The new itinerary takes my girlfriend and I from San Diego to Detroit directly, and then from Detroit to Atlanta, and then on to … Continue reading “San Diego Trip Update”

The Moon at 30,000 Feet

On my first flight today, I managed to catch a glimpse of a nearly full moon (Waning Gibbous, 96% visible) on the departure out of Raleigh. This past Friday was a rare occurrence of a Harvest moon and an Eclipse, so I was excited to see it from the sky. I used FlightAware’s tracklog feature … Continue reading “The Moon at 30,000 Feet”

Companion Pass Targeted Offer from @SouthwestAir

Though this offer started a couple of months ago, Southwest’s targeted offer is still ticking! You do need to register for the offer prior to travel, but receiving a Companion Pass through the end of 2017 for 5 round trip flights is a steal! The trips need to start or end in California, and they … Continue reading “Companion Pass Targeted Offer from @SouthwestAir”