Lovely Surprise from @BarclaycardUS

Oooh… surprises!

Last week I received a surprising email from Barclaycard – they were sending me a luggage tag! I had no idea what to expect, and I hadn’t heard of others receiving similar tags, so when it arrived just a couple of days later I was even more surprised.

Who doesn’t like getting things?
The tag!

The tag itself is very solidly built and comes with a nice metal cable to affix it to your luggage. It also has places for your name and contact information, as well as a QR barcode to register the tag.

Tag instructions

The package also came with a nice card from the CEO of Barclaycard.

The card
Card Interior

While certainly not an expensive gift, like the Amazon Echos that American Express sent to some cardholders, it’s a lovely gesture nonetheless and certainly appreciated! Little things like this go a long way in making people happy.

Thanks, Barclaycard!

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