@Delta & @AeromexicoUSA Complimentary Upgrades and Upgrade Certificates

With all the recent schedule changes and the announcement that Delta Medallion members would receive both complimentary upgrades on Aeromexico flights as well as the ability to apply both types of Upgrade Certificates to flights operated by Aeromexico,  I logged in to see if any other flights had been affected.

Flight changes are not uncommon when booking months in advance, so I was not surprised when my return flight was now affected. Instead of flying directly to Atlanta, I now have to route through Mexico City.

Old route in red, new route in blue

With the change, and the new perks available (and two regional upgrade certificates coming up on expiration), I figured I would give Delta a call to see if I could apply them to the return. After a few minutes with the representative working on it, they confirmed that upgrade space was available if they changed my first leg (SJD-MEX) from a Delta ticketed flight to an Aeromexico ticketed flight. A few more minutes on hold and I had received my Aeromexico PNR and had selected seats on all the returns.

While there are still a few kinks to work out, the overall integration was very smooth!

Have any of you received complimentary upgrades on Delta partners or applied upgrade certificates on partners? Let me know!

Warning – Delta C+ Upgrade “Bug”

I just read about Christine Krzyszton‘s experience with Delta’s Comfort+ upgrade. Delta’s IT has a history of providing an interesting user-experience (both on the ground and while flying), and it isn’t completely clear if what Christine experienced is in that vein or a covert effort to sell more seats.

The way it is currently working, once you receive your Comfort+ upgrade (as the result of a mid-travel flight change), you will be removed from the First Class upgrade list. The good news is, you can call Delta and be re-added. How many individuals would know that they weren’t on the upgrade list for this reason, or know to call Delta to get re-added?

Keep an eye on your flights! Has this happened to any of you?